Wooden cable reels

Our plant specialises primarily
in the production of wooden drums.

Products of this type have been used for many years for transporting electric and optical fibre cables or various types of wires and ropes.

Drums produced by us are processed in accordance with the requirements of the Polish Standard PN-91/0-79353. These products are also adjusted to the factory standards in force in individual cable plants. Everything is tailored to individual customer preferences. It is also important that the wooden cable drums manufactured by our company are fumigated.

What does that mean? Fumigation is nothing more than a process to reduce the risk of quarantine pests spreading in international trade. Our products undergo this treatment (they have the IPPC logo) and can therefore be transported anywhere in the world. The protection and durability of these wooden products is ensured by the impregnation process. So if you want to buy high quality wooden cable drums, please contact us!

We ensure that the wooden cable drums produced by our employees are of high quality.

All this can be credited to the fact that Andrew's top experts approach their work with full professionalism. They take care of every, even the smallest detail of a given order. We offer drums in various size ranges (diameter 500-3000 mm). They are made on the basis of individual project specifications of our customers. All our products meet the required standards.